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Daytona Press Author Services & Printing Fees

Preparation Fee $250.00
Additional savings available if you format your own book per publishing guide. We will produce 10 books for you instead of the normal 6.
Custom Format $50.00/hour
Assign ISBN $50.00
Scan Graphics Or Photos $5.00 ea.
Insert Inside Color Art/Photo $1.00 ea.
Format eBook Master Disk $25.00
Purchase Additional eBooks On Disk $1.00 ea.
Non-US Author $50.00

To be paid with submission of manuscript, agreement, graphics, etc. to start the process.

*Up to 200 book pages. Books having more than 200 pages will be assessed an additional $1.25 per page preparation fee.

Suggested Retail Book Pricing

As an Independent Publisher, your purchasing wholesale cost for our printing services will be at the rate of $0.05 per book page, including front and back cover. Inside cover text or graphics or inserted color graphics in body, add $1.00 each page. Presently, the suggested retail pricing is $0.08 per page, plus graphic insertion fee, rounded to the next higher $0.95.

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