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Security—Guaranteed Secure Shopping

If you choose to place an order on-line, all of your personal information will be encrypted before it is transmitted over the Internet. Daytona Press uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. SSL encrypts your information so that no one will be able to decode it. SSL establishes a secure connection between your computer and our computers, and that connection remains secure until you complete or cancel an order.

To know if your connection is secure, simply check the lower left or right corner of your browser window after you access the server. If you see a closed lock or an unbroken key (depending on what browser you are using), SSL is working. Or, note the change from http:// to https:// in the URL (address bar) as you enter our security zone. This means that data cannot be read as it travels through the Internet to our system.

If you feel uncomfortable using a credit card on the Internet, you are welcome to call in your credit card information and complete your purchase by phone, or by mail. Click here for our contact information.
Visit us at our HotSpot Coffee Shoppe, a specialty coffee shop and FREE wireless Internet cafe - 1216A S. Ridgewood Avenue (U.S. 1) - Daytona Beach, Florida 32114
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